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Meet the Owner


Jewrell Marktoevis is a man of conviction and strength whose vision is to lead people to an optimal level of health and wellness through disciplined training of the mind and body.


Through the establishment of Body Matrixx, LLC, he intends to share the lessons learned from his challenges and wisdom gained through experience with those seeking a more active and fit lifetsyle.


His true love is helping others to attain the physical and mental results they seek!

Guided by an entrepreneurial spirit and a quest for physical wellness, Jewrell founded Body Matrixx, LLC in 2006. Since embarking on this journey to wellness as a personal trainer, life coach, educator and master of fitness; he has helped hundreds of clients achieve their desired goals of total health and wellness. As founder and president of the company, Jewrell has also been featured in numerous newspaper articles and is responsible for the portfolio physiques of many high-profile clients. Inspired at age fourteen by the sheer visual and physical strength of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, and Bruce Lee; Marktoevis decided that he too wanted to be among the fitness greats of our times.

After approaching his parents (Eddie Wright and Dr. Shirl Hawkins) with curiosity and ambition in 1987, Jewrell received his first Joe Weider Weight Lifting Set and gym membership! This led to countless hours of developing vital skills to successfully yield maximum fitness. Thanks to a supportive family, determination and relentles study of fitness greats; Marktoevis now boasts over twenty-five years of exercise and fitness experience. The overall apparition and intention of Body Matrixx, LLC is too achieve optimal levels of health and wellness for every client he embraces as a consultant and personal trainer.

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