Personal Training

At Body Matrixx By Jewrell, we have a very comprehensive approach to personal training. Rather than a one-size-fits-all mindset, we take the time to learn about you – your long- and short-term goals as well as your current fitness, health, and nutritional habits.

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Fitness Classes

While running on the treadmill, working out on the elliptical machine, and lifting weights are all excellent forms of exercise, it is always a good idea to change up your workout routine by taking a class. When your body gets used to an exercise, your muscles are no longer being challenged.

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Fitness Center

Being able to workout is integral to a healthy life, but there are some places that make this difficult because they have atmospheres that are not conducive to learning and growing. With this in mind, Body Matrixx By Jewrell was created so that all the people of Virginia Beach could find a place to improve themselves.

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Transform your Body, Relax your Mind, Empower your Spirit

You’ve made the most important decision of your life. Whether you want to run a mile, or have loftier goals, such as running a marathon or competing as a bodybuilder, Body Matrixx By Jewrell can design a fitness program that will keep you comfortable in your own skin and help you maintain a stress-free and active lifestyle. No matter your age, body-type, or level of fitness, you will find everything you need at Body Matrixx By Jewrell.

Have you hit a plateau in your exercise program? Are you bored with your current fitness routine? Is it time to make some lifestyle changes? Let’s change that today. Whether you’ve taken a brief hiatus from the gym and are trying to get back in gear, have never stepped foot inside a gym, or recently moved to Virginia Beach and are looking to join a new gym, we’re sure you’ll find success at here. When you join Body Matrixx By Jewrell, you will benefit from a team of dedicated trainers, instructors, and staff members who will be by your side every step of the way to guide you to your goals.


I've been utilizing Body Matrixx for two months and have noticed a significant difference. Jewrell is an excellent trainer, not only because he is assisting me in achieving my physical transformation goals, but also because he is a teacher by trade. In our meetings, I always learn something new that enables me to stay accountable in my journey by allowing me to make better dietary decisions.

- LRF ENTERPRISES International

What an amazing experience it is to train with Jewrell! He’s a very motivational, enthusiastic, and supportive trainer. Not once will you feel judged and not once will you feel like you can’t surpass your goal! Even when I feel like I can’t do it or I want to quit, Jewrell always reminds me of my end goal and how much strength God has given me to surpass the limitations I’ve set for myself! I always leave my sessions feeling accomplished and excited for my next workout! Jewrell will definitely lead you to success & looking your best! Most importantly, as soon as you walk in you can tell how much effort Jewrell puts in to ensure a clean and safe environment especially during this pandemic! I highly recommend this place to anyone who needs motivation and structure when working towards a better you!

- Alexis Phillips

Jewrell is a luminous ball of energy, motivation, and education. He creates a home within his gym that allows you to push yourself, grow, and conquer. Within a month of training I was able to see changes on the scale, an improved posture, and increased strength all while maintaining my curves. You will sweat, you will be tired, and he will push you BUT you’ll leave Body Matrixx an improved you. Join the family!

- Tanya Scott